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On April 25, activists with Stop Reeves Young (SRY) confirmed news that Reeves Young Construction is no longer working with the Atlanta Police Foundation on the Cop City development. As such we have removed the information regarding the company. As companies continue to drop out we will continue updating our site. We have kept the background information on Reeves + Young for archival purposes.

Brasfield & Gorrie still remains as the main contractor for this project. Follow this link to find out more information.


Reeves + Young is a civil and commercial construction firm working directly with the Atlanta Police Foundation to construct Cop City. It is also possible that Reeves+Young is the main subcontractor under Brasfield & Gorrie. The construction of this facility is widely opposed by residents and local organizations for a multitude of reasons: the destruction of precious habitats, further militarization of the police, suppression of residents’ input on the project, and damaging ecological effects that will leave the city more vulnerable to climate change, to name a few.

Reeves + Young should pull out of their contract with the APF for the Cop City project. They are already responsible for destruction in the South River Forest and should not continue to damage the ecology of Atlanta any further.

If you have any tips, contact stopreevesyoung[at]riseup[dot]net.