A message from the SRY Campagin in regards to the murder of Cami Teran.

On Wednesday, January 18 during a multi-agency operation, the police shot and killed Cami Teran, a 26 year old forest defender. Law enforcement worked to clear the forest in order to begin construction of Cop City. They are also working to facilitate the land-grab of Ryan Millsap, CEO of Blackhall Real Estate Holdings.

Both the Atlanta Police Foundation and their main contractor for Cop City, Brasfield & Gorrie, have been offered many opportunities to step down from the overwhelmingly unpopular project, yet decided to ignore public objection. Just last week, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens cited the intransigence of Brasfield & Gorrie as reason why other contractors should participate in the destruction of the forest. Other companies are afraid to oppose the public protest. Brasfield & Gorrie are among the last holdouts. Now, they are escalating into violent repression. The SRY campaign denounces this violent extremism from B&G and the APF.

Brasfield and Gorrie, how many more deaths are you willing to sponsor?

Is money worth more to you than lives?

You are responsible for the murder of an Atlanta Forest Defender.

Visit atlantasolidarityfund.com to help with the legal fees for those facing charges defending the forest.

Visit defendtheatlantaforest.com for more information about the movement to Stop Cop City