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We are a media clearinghouse, providing journalistic updates on the movement to Stop Reeves Young from destroying the South Atlanta Forest (Weelaunee in Muscogee/Creek) and from building the infamous Cop City development. We maintain this site for educational and journalistic purposes, and are not responsible for the acts or deeds that we report on.

On this page, we will share updates, calls to action, images, videos, and press releases.

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Latest posts

  • RICO indictments come as B&G seeks false sense of security for potential subcontractors

    Notes from a February 2023 meeting between the APF and Davinci Development indicated that Brasfield & Gorrie would need to go market [for contractors] 2 months before they mobilized, but that “won’t happen until indictments have happened.” As Brent Scarbrough continues their work apace, it appears that Brasfield & Gorrie is preparing to enter the…

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    In the first two weeks of July 2023, through three seperate means of verification (see links below) the SRY Campaign can confirm the news that Atlas Technical Consultants and their subsidiary Long Engineering is no longer working with the Atlanta Police Foundation on the Cop City development. It remains unclear if Atlas is continuing to…

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  • Meet the insurance providers behind Cop City

    As has been noted previously, the APF cannot build Cop City alone–they rely on a hired support network of architects, engineers, contractors, and others to build it for them. One of the most critical pillars of this support structure is insurance. Without a valid insurance policy covering APF’s liability in the event of injury to…

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