Quality Glass Co. drops B&G!

We have received email confirmation from Quality Glass Company that they have broken professional ties with Brasfield & Gorrie! Previously, we had observed written confirmation of collaboration between the two firms. We thank Quality Glass for their decision.

All companies, insurers, financial institutions, lawyers, and subcontractors associated with any Brasfield & Gorrie operations at any location or for any service should break professional ties. Brasfield & Gorrie is contracted with the Atlanta Police Foundation to build the widely opposed “Cop City” training compound in the Weelaunee Forest. For two years, community groups, faith based organizations, and autonomous activists have fought tooth and nail to have the project canceled. The Georgia State Patrol, at the behest of the APF and of Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, killed an environmental protester on January 18th. As long as Brasfield & Gorrie is supporting state terrorism, no firm or enterprise can claim a legitimate and upstanding collaboration. This project is already killing people, and if it is completed it will kill more. We call on activists and all people of good conscience to pressure other supporters, subcontractors, or investors in Cop City, or associates of Brasfield & Gorrie at any location, to drop the contract and cancel this project.

If you deal with the APF, you’ll deal with us.
Stop Cop City.
Defend the Forest.
RIP Tortuguita.


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