A Message From the SRY Media Team

This site was created to contribute to the burgeoning and innovative movement against the destruction of the South River Forest by the Atlanta Police Foundation. This movement involves community locals, environmentalists, teachers and students, doctors, lawyers, artists, and people from all walks of life. Seeking to contribute what we can to this movement, we decided to use elements of open source research techniques and investigative citizen-journalism to expose those behind the heartless destruction of the forest and the depraved militarization of the police. We are still dedicated to that mission.

In the course of our work, we have advocated for call-in campaigns, email and letter writing, and occasionally on-the-ground informational and protest events. We believe that with free information, with clarity of purpose, and with focused and disciplined actions, everyday people can make changes in the way our society is organized. That is what we still believe, that is what we have organized, and that is what we are committed to.

Some of the corporations that we research have also caught the attention of groups and individuals who have decided to target contractors or subcontractors behind the Cop City project with vandalism and other less-legal methods. The SRY media team has not advocated, uplifted, or glorified any of these acts. We believe the majority of participants in the movement see things as we do: that if the power-brokers in these companies knew the harm and distress the Cop City development would bring to our communities and our world, they may decide to change course. We do not think it is responsible to stop our research or publishing simply because some people have also used methods other than the ones we have explicitly advocated. For this reason, we will continue our blog, and ask that people also conduct their own open source research, and use the information — which, in any case, is easily available on public records listed online — responsibly, and carefully.

Keep fighting,

SRY Media Team

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