“This May Day, we are calling for solidarity actions in defense of the Atlanta Forest and against Cop City. Find your friends, make a plan, and fight for the forest. Across the world the police want to take what’s ours. We will stop them and we will win. Another word for world is forest.”

Here are a list of actions taken by activists from around the country in solidarity with the Atlanta forest on May 1, 2022.

Highland, Indiana: 

“Happy May Day from Highland, IN. Gave the local Atlas office a face-lift, I think it looks much prettier now.” – received anonymously

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Employees arriving to work this morning at the Fridley office of Atlas Technical Consultants found a mess. Every window of the building had been smashed out, buckets of paint had been thrown inside the office, and the front was redecorated to read “FUCK COP CITY, DEFEND THE ATL FOREST.”

This attack was carried out in response to a call for a May 1st day of action, put out by our friends in Atlanta. Atlas Technical Consultants is the owner of Long Engineering, who are active participants in the ill-fated attempt at the destruction of the Atlanta forest.

Brasfield & Gorrie, as well as their subcontractors, should take note that there will be consequences for encroachment on the forest in the service of cop city and Hollywood dystopia. Atlas should realize that this endeavor *will not* be worth the trouble.

To our friends in Atlanta, we’re inspired by your bravery and resourcefulness. We want you to know whatever you’re with, Minneapolis is with it. You’re showing the world what a decentralized composition of struggle can accomplish, and developing the force required to confront cop city and whatever is next. Atlanta will remain a forest.

With love,

Murderapolis” – Received anonymously

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Happy May day! Comrade Whale in stolen Ute, Paiute Goshute and Shoshone territories now known as Salt Lake City is taking a firm stance against Cop City which entails the desceraton of the Ouelvnv Forest as the South Atlanta Forest (Weelaunee in Muscogee/Creek)”

Portland, Oregon:

“Stop Cop City Seen on vandalized bank on May Day in Portland, Oregon”

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