RICO indictments come as B&G seeks false sense of security for potential contractors. Read our full statement

Meet the insurance providers behind cop city. Read our full statement

Quality Glass Company formally boycott Brasfield & Gorrie amidst mounting pressure. READ OUR FULL STATEMENT

The Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) is planning to destroy 300 acres of forest to build a police training compound known as Cop City. We can never allow this to happen!

Brasfield and Gorrie is the general contractor firm behind Cop City. By getting B&G’s subcontractors to boycott B&G, we’ll Stop Brasfield and Gorrie!

Brent Scarbrough & Co. is the subcontractor tasked with clearing trees and erosion control–that is, the destruction of the forest. We’re calling on Brent Scarbrough to do the right thing and drop the contract!

Ernst Concrete. is the subcontractor tasked with pouring concrete for cop city.

LS3P is the architect and project manager behind Cop City. In a project of this scale, architects are needed to advise construction throughout the building process. LS3P must divest from their dealings with the APF and B&G!

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APF is unable to build Cop City alone. They have contracted Brasfield and Gorrie to build it for them. B&G cannot complete this project without its subcontractors. SRY is a campaign to urge these subcontractors to stop participating in the construction of Cop City and/or divest from their dealings with Brasfield and Gorrie.

The subcontractors have many other contracts. As service providers, they do not depend on the completion of the Cop City to continue their business operations. Brasfield and Gorrie represents just one of their many contracts, just as APF is only one of B&G’s many contracts. Everyone involved in this project is complicit in some way with the destruction of the forest, the murder of forest defender Tortuguita, and the militarization of the police. The fact is that they have economic incentives to move forward with this project. We must create disincentives.

Through this campaign we seek to educate the subcontractors and ask them to drop this single contract. These companies only care about their bottom line: making profits and securing more contracts. By pressuring companies that do not have a commitment to the APF, but do have a commitment to Brasfield and Gorrie, we believe we can get them to drop their contracts and boycott B&G without incurring significant economic risks. When Brasfield and Gorrie realize that it is not worthwhile to keep the Cop City contract if it means jeopardizing all of their other projects, we believe they will cancel the APF agreement as well. One by one, as subcontractors drop out, we will cause delays and budget increases until it becomes logistically, economically and politically impossible to move forward with the destruction of the forest or the construction of the Cop City. 

SRY is a media clearinghouse, providing journalistic updates on the movement. We provide information and updates about the campaign, contextualized within the broader struggle to defend the South Atlanta forest. We maintain this site for educational and journalistic purposes, and are not responsible for any acts or deeds that we report on.


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